Informatization of recording oficially educational programs

OData support
Dr. Kósa Zsuzsanna Mária
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

For the government’s educational department it is always necessary to have a trustworthy data source able to support decision making, based on which solid and reliable decision making becomes possible.

In our case the data source is called Higher Education Information System (FIR), which was thoughtfully created to reflect educational and IT demands.

The data stored in FIR is supervised and maintained by the Educational Authority (OH) which is also responsible for fulfilling the registration and authoriting processes related to higher educational institutions (colleges and universities) in Hungary. Most of these processes are related to the institutions’ courses, e.g. registering a new course or modifing a property of an already registered one, but most of these are processed using paper only and without IT support.

In 2012 the first steps were made to make these processes online and the FIR’s process management module was born, but only a few processes were implemented into the software.

At the begining of my thesis, I present the current laws behind FIR and OH, the professional content and expectations towards them, including the general operation and authorisation processes. Afterwards I about the architecture, components and technologies used by FIR.

Based on these informations and demands I specify, and then implent a solution to make the course modification process online by futher developing the FIR’s existing process management module. During my work I will use the existing components of the module, and restrict to the currently used principles and processes. Finally I will evaluate my work, pinpoint the deficiencies, and give some ideas how to improve the module further.


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