Building a questionaire application for Windows 8

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the rapid development of communication technologies and the fact that internet became part of our everyday life, one can acquire a much greater set of information than ever before. This information plays an important role not only in our knowledge about the world, but even in the way we form our opinion about companies. For this reason, companies tipically aim at impressing customers with their online presence in order to further increase their market share and income. However, the results of a marketing activity are always difficult to predict, especially when companies do not have effective tools to get feedback from the customers. This feedback can be indirect – shown by sales results following such a campaign – or direct. The easiest tool of direct feedbacks is offering surveys to the customers, which provides an easily measureable and detailed mechanism for the evaluation process. For this reason, survey tools are an essential part of companies marketing activities.

A survey engine is in many aspects similar to a test engine. Therefore, when starting to develop a survey engine, it is trivial to consider the opportunities of supporting testing scenarios as well.

My thesis demonstrates the design and implementation of a solution, which supports both of the abovementioned scenarios. The solution contains both the server side and the client side implementations, where the client side component is a Windows 8 user control. Finally, I will demonstrate the user control through simple applications, which integrate the component in order to present tests.


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