Direct Marketing Analaysis of Surveying Data with SPSS

OData support
Dr. Ketskeméty László
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory


Nowadays data collection and the analysis and use of information derived from the collected data is indispensable for all trading companies. It is necessary to define the correct strategy of data analysis, and by the joint use of the appropriate technology and the correct, up-to-date data, databases may be assembled, which may form the base of targeted marketing campaigns to increase incomes and sales figures.

In order to help the work of these companies, IBM SPSS Statistics created the Direct Marketing module in the last version. This module is capable of handling extensive data bases. Following a correct planning and preparation, direct marketing analyses enable users to obtain information which is crutial to campaigns.

In the present study I deal with this IBM SPSS Statistics Direct Marketing module and direct marketing examinations which are executable on a database created on the basis of a self-made questionnaire. The direct marketing examinations are essential for the success of every company.


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