Analyzis and investigation of inverter for wheel-hub-motor drive

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Hajdu Endre Gábor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis work, I test the power circuit of a prototype drive system for a synchronous machine with voltage source inverter designed for a wheel-hub-motor race car, trying to reach the highest power level possible.

First, I give an overview of the past of electric vehicles, and the different types of drive systems. Then I investigate the operation of the available system. I test the error protections, and the operation of the IGBT-s in chopper mode, with inductive load (connecting the system to a motor is impossible due to improperly working error protections). I try to raise the power level as high as possible. I calculate the theoretical losses on different power levels, and create a model to show the resulting temperatures of the system inside the packaging. Based on the investigation, I suggest some corrections in the software, and also in the hardware, to correct the behavior of the error protections .

The accuracy of the calculations were investigated over static and dynamic measurements.


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