Development of a tire pressure monitoring system for Formula Student Racing car

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Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics founded a team- BME Formula Racing Team- in 2007. Since that, they have been entering for the International Formula Student competition every year. Which is important, because the students can use their year to year growing knowledge in practise. They can prove their knowledge with building a race car. A car without an electronic system is inefficient, because the engine can not be made start without an engine management. The BME-FRT team places emphasis on the electronics, accordingly from year to year, more and more innovations are being built in the car.

This year a Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) has been built in the car. Which system is able to measure the pressure in the tires, then send these datas to the central CAN network. These datas helps a lot to fine tune the suspension, which can bring some precious points to the team in the competition. It is important that the sensors in the tires can not be connect to other moduls by wire. That’s why we have to effectuate the communication between them via radio frequency, and the power supply by a battery.

In the first part of my dissertation a short presentment about the Formula Student competition and the used technology and instrument by BME FRT electronic team, can be found. I’ve used the same technologies and instruments in the course of development.

In the second part there is a short overview of the occurring systems, and technologies on the market. The main job was desing our own system, so the design have been documented step by step from choosing the components to assembling and testing the moduls.


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