Bike protection with smart devices

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

During my studies in Budapest University of Technology and Economics I have heard the IoT expression many times, but I have never really got aware of the exact meaning of it. In order to gain some basic IoT skills and later get a deeper knowledge in the subject, I decided to create a system consisting of multiple smaller IoT devices for my Diploma Thesis Design 1.

I merged the idea with one of my greatest hobbies, which is cycling. In Budapest, the capital of Hungary bicycle theft is a common issue unfortunately, and since I have road bikes with relatively higher value, I would like to create a device I can use in order to defend my bike(s). The strongest point of the device is that it can be placed into/onto the bike in an unnoticeable way, it can detect a possible theft, and sheres my bicycle’s position periodically. so that I can find my bike later, and with the help of the police department I can get it back.

My main purpose with Diploma Thesis Design is to become acquainted with the latest technologies of IoT, the relation with my hobby is just a motivation for myself.


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