Developing bike power meter

OData support
Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This document presents the work for diploma thesis of two semesters. A human sensor was the main topic. More precisely it’s about a human healthcare sensor, which is meant to provide help for riders who want to make a progress in their performance with measuring their power output. During my work I had to make a research about similar sensors and to get to know ANT+ communication protocol. After that I had to get into the development of mechanics, because it could not be separated completely from electrical part. Development of hardware was split to two different parts, where I had to solve different problems with similar requirements. Those requirements were primarily the low energy consumption and the little size, but I had to keep in mind the low cost strategy, while it does not affect accuracy. A set of sensor consists of 2-2 of the mentioned parts above. After the production of hardware the next task was the placing of parts and testing, which were successful in the presence of some problems. During software development I had to make two different types of devices, where sample codes for different kind of sensors gave assistance to me. The difference of the two sensor is only exists at the layer of ANT+ communication, other parts are the same, so there’s only a bit difference in SW after all. Although the software has not been finished completely, the operation of the sensor only differs in comfort and energy handling functionalities from the expected. So it is ready to be used and tried out.


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