Search-based Query Evaluation over Object Hierarchies

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays Model Driven Engineering becomes more and more common in the

field of software engineering, which means the demand for supporting tools is higher than

ever. One branch of the Model Driven Engineering paradigm is

Runtime Modeling, which focuses on using the abstract system models

during runtime to hold valuable information. When using runtime models, it is

paramount to be able to run queries over these models in an efficient manner.

The aim of this thesis is to give a possible solution for this important problem many has tried to tackle. There

are several possible solutions for this problem developed over the years using different tools, but most

of them are written in higher level, most of the time less efficient languages

like Java, which results in possibly slower speeds. My goal is to create an extension over EMF-IncQuery, an

already existing Java based tool, which allows the generation of C++ code to

execute queries over runtime models using an approach called Local



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