Creating a searchable drop-down widget for the A+ programming language

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

A+ was created in the early 90s as a high performance member of the APL family of functional, array-based languages. It quickly gained popularity thanks to its fast delivery time: interpreted design and extremely concise syntax allowed new features to be implemented effectively into software using the language.

Thirty years later – even though much better options have become available – there are still large pieces of software artifacts being actively maintained and developed in this language. Although declining in numbers, the user base is still significant enough to benefit from improvements that bring the user experience more in line with modern standards.

The issue specific to this task is that of the drop-down menu. The current "choice" display class serves this purpose in a way that is suitable for small lists, but it does not feature scrolling, so larger lists can span well outside the visible screen area. Search functionality would also be helpful.

The goal is to create a new User Interface (UI) element that is able to display arbitrarily large lists on screen, providing a convenient way to search the available options, all while retaining the usual customizability of A+ screen elements: color, size options etc.


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