Developing a SEO-friendly CMS on ASP.NET

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my degree work I make a study about CMS systems, and document my self-made web cms. I review the main types of the content management systems, then I take a better look at the web cms systems, to compare the most well known applications of the art. As a theoretical part of my work I present the key concepts of a web content management system (these are common ideas in web development), such as search optimalization. After a short explanation, I write detailed about search engine optimalization, collecting the most prevalent solutions, that came through in the past.

From the fourth chapter of my degree work I start with explaining my work on creating my own CMS portal. First, in the specification I write about the software requirements, and I give an overview about the main functions. After that, I review the system’s architecture, and I also write about the topmost metrics those could be typical in my CMS, then I explain the service oriented architecture I made, showing it’s advantages, and the similarities with the well known MVC architecture. The sixth chapter tells about the facts, issues, problems and solutions while creating the CMS, I write detailed about the components in the data, data access, view and buisness logic layers. After the chapters, the reader has a clear picture about how the layers work, and work together; how is the data wrapped into data classes, how are the viewmodels made for the views, and how I bind them to the views, or more precisely the websites.

After an extensively demonstrating the layers, I write about the implementation of search engine optimalization. I write about the possibilities of a user to give the important parameters, and I show the implementation of Google Analytics in my web portal. I also write about the membership and profile setting I made to keep up specialized personal data about the users.

My Web Content Management System contains ready-made page examples, and at the end of my degree work I place some screenshots about them.


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