Cross-platform Fitness Application Development on Xamarin

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of the most important part of the healthy lifestyle is exercise, that is why more and more people do some kind of sport. Nowadays one of these is going to gym and do weight training, which can completely move your body. But you must know the proper exercises, which and how they should be done. So you can avoid injuries and make your improvement even better. That is why there is a need for people in the gym to know these exercises, and as well do some kind of logging of the trainings.

The purpose of my thesis, is to make a cross-platform fitness application, which helps you in the gym. The workout plans can be saved in the calendar for better motivation to exercise.

My thesis is built up from two parts. The first part introduces the technologies which I used, just like Xamarin and ASP.NET Core and the second part is the specification of my application. First, I show my client architecture which was built with the three-tier architecture. In this part I will go through every layer because each got a paragraph. I explicate the view layer in detail, because the biggest part of the Xamarin.Forms technology belongs to there. The application has a client and a server part so I present the synchronization between them. Finally, I explicate the server architecture and the operation, how does the user management works, and how does the client communicate with it.


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