Sandbox Application for Card Games Played on LAN

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Card games are among the most popular pastime activities of many groups. However, it often happens, that they would like to play a card game, but they don’t have any cards at all, or they only have cards that are not suitable for the particular card game.

Nowadays most people have smartphones that they keep with themselves, so it is always within reach. Smartphones are developing at a high rate and can perform more and more complex tasks. People can replace simple, everyday objects with different applications running on the phone. These include a clock or a notebook. Why not replace a deck of cards with an application for a smartphone? The ideal solution would be to use a single application to play any card game, and each group could play by its own rules, or even create new card games, with few restrictions as possible.

As the topic of my thesis I chose to create an application that implements this functionality. Within this thesis, I present the steps of the application design, implementation and the application itself. The application was developed using the Unity game engine. In this thesis I show the game development process in more detail using this technology. Card games are usually played by more than one person, which requires that the application allows users to play across a network. The specialities of this approach and the difficulties of its implementation are also described in this thesis.


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