Framework for developing SIM-based applications

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In mobile systems nowadays mostly heterogenic components are present; therefore logic implemented on SIM cards can provide a standardized, homogenous addition to the infrastructure. My research, as part of an industrial project between Nokia Siemens Networks Hungary Ltd. (NSN) and BUTE looks through the possibilities and limitations of SIM card development. Throughout my thesis I discovered one of today’s de facto standards for SIM card programming: the SIM Application Toolkit, and tested its functions and availability on different phone types.

I have looked into SIM cards remote file and application management methods as well as solutions for communication between SIM applications and an external server; and I implemented these features into a server-side application. I created a client-side framework which supports SIM Toolkit-based applications written using Java Card language with several functions such as: GPRS/SMS-based communication, logging and text-display and input methods. Furthermore, I studied the possibilities of cross-applet communication.

I examined the possible positioning methods using SIM-based cell information and conducted live tests in places of different environment to support and validate these results. An extension for the previously mentioned server-side SIM management application was also created, which permits speed measurement between points selected by an administrator. I implemented two client-side SIM applications: one for location measurement functionalities and one that measures and matches the current environment to pre-measured patterns and reports to the server in case of a match.

Finally I observed and tested potential limitations and diverse working conditions for the SIM Toolkit on different phone types, and proposed solutions to counter these problems. In conclusion I completed every required task in the thesis and the success of the completed system is also proven as plans are being made for further developments and integration to NSN’s larger-scale project after the submission.


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