Development of a Framework for Testing Embedded Control Software on PC

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Embedded software testing is usually difficult, as the development and the test are performed on different platforms and the structure of a controller does not allow to display or evaluate the results on the target system, without a debugger tool they only can be analysed on the host system.

The development of a framework and test environment, based on x86-x64 architecture is the first pursuit in the EAC (Electronic Air Control) project to test an embedded software entirely on the host system. Since the computational capacity of a PC significantly exceeds the performance of an embedded controller, the proposed method results in shorter test periods and allows automated test result evaluation.

The project consists of two major steps: the first one is to switch from the original cross-compiler to the one used on PC, the second one is to systematically convert the driver layer of the software. If the non-hardware-relevant layers of the software are left unchanged and the driver modules are replaced with alternative interfaces, the software can be tested on the host system in a virtual environment, which is functionally the same as the original embedded environment. In this Thesis the state-of-the-art air brake systems are presented first, then the details of the differences between the two platforms, the steps of converting the project to PC, the implementation of the AD and digital IO alternative interfaces and the steps and results of the tests, performed on these modules. The last two chapters contain the evaluation and summary of the results and presentation of further development options.


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