Framework for visualizing social media

OData support
Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Social networks are amongst the most popular services, billions of people use them on a daily basis. Asides from the searching for valuable content during usage, content creation also important. Due to the amount of content, it is an extremely difficult task to review and handle it, therefore it is an outstanding opportunity for the usage of modern, interactive visualisations.

The purpose of my thesis is to demonstrate the general structure of social networks and the complexity of the data storage systems behind them, furthermore to show how modern browser based tools can help to visualisation information related to system operation.

In the first chapter I write about the development of social network and I explain basic definitions. In the second chapter I talk in general about the distributed systems and I emphasize the most important parameters such as scalability, latency, and consistency. In the third chapter I expand the requirements, and then I create the specification, and eventually I design the datastorage system. In the fourth chapter I write about visualization generally and it’s tools and after the design and choosing the technology I present the application. In the last chapter I test the data storage system and the application from chapter four.


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