Robotization of electrical device house assembly

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the industries, mass producing is going in modernization, especially after the fourth industry revolution. The main point is, that the monotone, repetetive, precise tasks made by human operators is replaced with robots. With more reliability and precision, and also favourable costs and lower mistake rates. In this thesis, the robot arm makes operations on a specially formed box, representing a LED TV. Instead of fixing the back with screws, in this case, it is done with snapping parts. The snapping must be monitorized, with accelometer and micropone sensors, and have to determine if the snap is completed in all sides of the box. The prototype must have reliabality and low costs. The task contains programming the robot arm, which pushes the box’s back, the sensors’ signals are transfered to the processing PC, which decides if the snapping is happened. The main question is, will the sensor signals be enough to detect the click, and other further upgrades are needed or not. This thesis offer further changes and more complex solutions.


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