The Analysis of the Planning of a 2 MW Wind Turbine in Hungary

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

We have witnessed a huge improvement in the electric industry and in the infrastructure of electricity for the last century. Nowadays, there is such a huge demand for electrical power in the developed countries that it created a serious problem for the industry to supply them. It became even wors, when its harmfulness for the environment was realized.

New ideas have come up for using renewable source of energy for the last few decades, some of which have already been put into practise. Looking at Hungary we can easily see that most of our main power plants are old and out of date, most cases they have overstepped their estimated lifetime.

Because of these factors (pollution of the environment, growing demand of energy, outworn power plants) Hungary has been forced to open for alternative power sources which have gladly been spreading, especially the wind and the biomass types. That is why I decided to write my dissertation of the execution of an imagined windmill project which is based on a real project in wich a windmill was built 2MW unit performance.


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