Angle control of dual motor aeropendulum

OData support
Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of this project is to develop a control system that keeps a dual motor areopendulum at a predefined angle. The control system is implemented with a custom-designed circuit board, which produces the controlled voltage input to the motor. The control algorithm is implemented in a microcontroller. A Simulink model of the aeropendulum was created during the project and a GUI was implemented in LabVIEW. The project contains a short overview about the commonly used controller methods, and how the parameters of the mathematical model of the aeropendulum were defined with measurements. After describing the details of the Simulink model I present the specifications of the microcontroller. The design of a printed circuit board that is capable of controlling the aeropendulm also forms a part of the project. The circuit is presented with schematic documents and PCB documents as well. In the final part of this thesis I present the evaluation and comparison of the result from the simulation and from the measurements. P, PD and PID controller methods were used to generate measurement data.


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