Energy efficient KNX control of a two floor family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

As part of my thesis I had to design KNX control of a newly constructed two floor family house. Significant amount of energy can be saved and comfort can be increased with the following building control system by coordinated operation of devices. I designed the system with an eye to simple designing, expansion, flexibility and energy-saving, environmental-friendly solutions.

The first part of my thesis provides an overview of the development, the structure, the devices and the addressing modes of the KNX system.

In the second part I describe the benefits of the building control system over conventional electrical installation in energy saving ways, and then I fully explain the opportunities offered by the KNX I want to solve.

In the third part I describe the steps of the designing and the applied devices. The significant parts of the thesis Appendix are drawings made with AutoCAD software.


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