Design and development of two-channel CAN-USB interface circuit

OData support
Marosy Gábor Elemér
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays serial communications are more widespread than parallel solutions. More and more serial protocols were developed (for example: SPI, CAN, I2C), due to their reliability, speed and simplicity. These protocols are being used by the industry too, but an ordinary PC is not able to manage these buses. An inter-circuit is needed in order to connect the bus with the PC. The connection between the different protocols can be made with a converter-circuit, which transforms the signals in real-time, so that they could be understood by both sides.

The purpose of this thesis is to design a dual CAN–USB-converter circuit which can be connected to two independent CAN-buses, and to write a GUI software, wherewith the two buses can be independently controlled and managed.

During the design process I had to pay special attention to the ESD-protection and to the requirements of the galvanic insulation in order to maintain the proper operation of the device.


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