Design of a bipedal walking robot

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Szalóki Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


I examined the literature in relation to walking robots. Two major groups can be established . The old equilibrium robots and the new limit cycle walkers . The equilibrium robots has two categories: static and dynamic robots. With literature I set up a way to be designed a dynamic robot trajectory . I also set up a theoretical approach to generate LCW trajectory . I made the analitical calculations in mathematica and the numerical simulation in Matlab to get the trajectories. Next, I designed a 10- DOF biped robot. The robot works with digital servos. I planned an actuator electronics for the robot. This is based on a microcontroller . This gives the PWM signal to the engines. On the circuit is a bluetooth module that communicates with the computer . I wrote a program for computer, which can control the robot . The robot parts arrived quite late, so I had little time to build and tested. Finally succeesed to achieve a dynamic equilibrium principle on the robot. The robot can be controlled by computer.


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