Mechanical construction and control of biped robot

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This document describes the design and building of a 10 degrees of freedom bipedal robot, talking in details about the mechanical, electrical, and software solutions. For the control of the motors, a motor controller circuit board has been built, which implements a cascade current and position PID controller to control the joint angles. The internal communication system uses Robot Operating System (ROS), which communicates with Matlab via a wireless network.

The analysis of static and dynamic stability can be found, and equations were derived from the dynamic model of robots, to determine whether the current gait of the robot is stable.

Then restrictions and parametric primitives were defined to generate a gait for the robot, keeping the stability criterions in mind. This gait has been validated by an analytical solution and a simulation as well. The static and dynamic stability has been compared using simulations of different walking speeds. Finally, the generated gait has been tested on the designed robot.


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