Design and realization of a pick & place gripper for a SCARA type robot

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays it became very popular to use widely robots and other automatic equipments in different fields of life. In the future, this is expected to increase dramatically. Accordingly, in my master thesis, I had the opportunity to become involved in a project of the department, which aimed to develop a SCARA robot arm. There was a two degree of freedom robot arm, which was built by another student and my work was to expand this with two more freedoms. The thesis includes the steps of mechanical design, the production of individual components with the 3D printer provided by the department and the software elements created to control the robot arm.

During my work, I designed a complex (contained almost 50 parts) mechanics, which was produced and then assembled after the necessary mechanical work on the 3D printed elements, which eventually led to the SCARA character with the typical four freedoms. I bought some acquired mechanical tools (bearings ...) for the project. The part of the mechanical design was a difficult job with many research work, and it took a lot of time, so I had for the work with the software less time. The mechanics, however, worked well and proved lasting for the future.

Next I created a Matlab model, which was responsible for the control of the robot arm. I also implemented the inverse geometry problem in Matlab, and the obtained results were satisfying. I present this with the 2 DOF robot arm. Next, I designed a software for DC motor control, using the department's arduino-based card. With this I could identify and control the fourth segment of the robot. I needed some connection between the Matlab part and the microcontroller system, so I had to find a solution. This made it possible to control the entire robot arm from one development environment. Other part of my task was to create a simple machine vision software, and I made a software for recognizing a blue object using the camera, which was connected to the robot arm.


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