Two-Player 2048 Game

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Dr. Szeszlér Dávid
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory

In recent years, a huge expansion of the web technologies have become apparent. ’Internet of Things’ is the new direction towards which the world is moving. The functionality of the websites appearing in browsers and on smartphones owned by many people nowadays has drifted away from its original purpose, storing and searching information. An entire industry has been built up to provide multimedia content and games have been given a big role in addition to the images and videos.

These days, even young children can easily use smart phones and tablet computers to play games and consume media content. The early HTML standard evolved significantly and extensions appeared which can ease the process of creating dynamic content to a great extent. Today one can create amazing games that might gain worldwide success, and the whole process from scratch takes only a few days.

This paper aims to introduce the technologies and tools that are necessary for the creation of a multiplayer browser-based game. We present through an example, how programming languages operating with different syntax and functionality can work together to compose an interactive game. In addition, we show algorithms that are able to win in games that rely greatly on probability.


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