Design of of the electric network with PV generator and lightning protection in a two floor family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

During my thesis, I designed the complete electricty network of a family house. I chose a two storey family house for the work, which has a workshop in it, this means that the house needs three-phased intake.

While working on this project i got familiar with the concepts of building electricity design, lightning protection standards and also solar systems. I also learned to use different computer assisted design softwares, such as AutoCAD, WSCAD, ECODIAL and RELUX. I also used the Sunny Design web based solar panel calculator, which helped me approximate the efficencies of my solar system designs.

During the work, I first calculated the expected power consumption of the house, then i made the different power circuits and calculated the required wire diameter for each circuit. Finally I designed an up-to-date lighting system, with the help of the RELUX software.

The first step i took with the lightning protection system, was the revision of the current lighting protection system to determine the need of improvement. I based this on both the old Hungarian MSZ 274 standard, and the newer currently in use EN 62305-2 standard. I compared the results for the different standards. I also designed an overvoltage system to counter the secondary effects of lightning strikes.

In the last part of the Thesis I designed the solar system for the building. Here I made two different systems, one is a cheaper, but produces less electricity, while the other is a more expensive system, which produces nearly the same amount of electricity in a year as the estimated annual energy consumption of the building.


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