Design of the electric network and KNX automation for a two floor family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

As time goes by there is a growing need for comfort and versatility in air conditioning, lighting, cooling-heating and security systems, whether it's a family house or an office building.

The subject of my thesis was the design of a KNX building management system and building electrical system for a two-story family house. As a first step in designing building electricity I designed the input method and then determined the energy demand of the family house. I selected the most suitable place on the plot of the family house and the type of the metering cabinet taking into account the input method. Knowing the energy demand I have dimensioned and selected the main line appropriate for the standard type. After that, I have determined the family house circuits and I have made the wire dimensioning. Then I designed the overcurrent protection and surge protection of family house circuits.

In the second half of the thesis, I completed the planning of the EIB / KNX building management system for the family house. As a first step, I reviewed the history of the KNX standard and the structure of the KNX system. After that, I determined the building management needs of the family house.

With the knowledge of the needs, I have been designing the KNX system for the family home, which affected the lighting, the shading and heating systems. At last, during the design the selected KNX devices were specified.


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