Design of the power network and overvoltage protection in a two floor office building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Within the framework of the degree plan project my task was to design the power network and overvoltage protection of a two-storey office building.

In the first half of the essay I present the office block and demonstrate the planning process. When designing the electrical network of the building, I had to take several aspects and regulations into consideration to be able to satisfy the emerging needs the best and safest way. During planning I had respect for simplicity, possibility of expansion, and energy-saving, environmental-friendly solutions.

The planning started with the determination of the consumption of electric energy, which depends on the size of the particular building, its functions, and the applied technologies. This can be defined by approximate calculation. It was especially important to consider that the electric power demand of the building can grow up to 2 percent annually. After this, I detailed the grouping of the consumers and the sizing of the cables, also the designing of the distribution installations.

In the course of an office building design, establishing the appropriate protection against overcurrent and overvoltage is important to secure the electric apparatus of great value. After having measured each defensive possibility, I designed the protection of the building by the selected tools.

In the appendix of the thesis, the charts of the cable sizing, and the results of the measurements made with the DIALux software can be found. In addition I attached the electrical network plan of the street level and the first floor, the risk analysis and plan of lightning protection, key to signs and symbols used, and the layout of the distribution installations.


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