Handmovement and audio recording mobile application for Parkinson's disease detection

OData support
Dr. Sztahó Dávid
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Parkinson's disease is one of the most common neurological diseases, which can increase the number of people involved due to the increase in life expectancy. The disease can not be treated but can be maintained well. Therefore it is important to diagnose it as soon as possible. The program that I developed helps to diagnose the disease, while examining one of the most common side effect of the disease, the tremor.

The following document provides a detailed introduction to Parkinson's disease. The reader can gain insight into the symptoms of the disease, the methods of treatment, and the diagnostic tools and methods known so far.

The document shows the status of the application before the semester and a brief analysis of the problems and solving methods. At the beginning of the semester I received an unfinished application that I had to study and develop.

A detailed analysis of my thesis work, a description of the process and the results of the achievements can also be learned. The justification of decisions made during planning, presentation of the completed work, pictures, snippets and detailes of the work are also described.

Finally, you can read the evaluation of my work, where I look at possible directions of development and the deficiencies of the application.


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