Finger Dexterity Assessment

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Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Today, the development of technology has become the main driving force for the medical advances. It ensures a more and more diagnostic and therapeutic tool to perform certain medical tasks more efficiently. Lots of examples can be cited: from the ultrasonic imaging to the various ECG equipment.

The topic of my thesis is to automate a medical diagnostic procedure, which is capable of the qualification of the manual dexterity. People with various neurological diseases need to have a health check, that’s why it is important to measure this factor. In my thesis I will also mention further useful applications of such a device. But first, the satisfaction of initial needs is the aim.

The first third of my work presents diseases (and their causes), the diagnosis which can profit from the qualification of manual dexterity. Then I will give a brief overview of procedures and equipment that are currently available in the world for this purpose. I will focus on: the method named "Nine Hole Peg Test". This method meets almost every need arose. In the second third, I specify expectations both of hardware and software side. Based on these, the new tool and the associated software, which makes the qualification, will be complete. Our tool is more advanced than the previous ones. This device is capable of carrying out this simple procedure. After the allocation of responsibilities, I concentrate on my task, that is the computer user interface. The first step is to determine the course of development, i.e. the order in which the individual program elements are implemented. Then, I present the design and development process of each block. After the device and the program was completed, the testing could begin on the hospital's neurology department. In the last third of this thesis I will analyze the experience of usage. In particular I examine the people’s results who have specific disease, primarily by analyzing how correctly we can follow the patients' condition. As a benchmark I have another device, which we used for measuring healthy people, parallel with testing in the hospital.

To summarize, I present the potential application areas and possibilities for further development based on the experience of testing.


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