Nine Hole Peg Tester

OData support
Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of my thesis is the Nine Hole Peg Test, which is used to assess the condition of patients suffering from neurological diseases. I have completed the digital implementation of the tester. So far, the tool used during the test was a wooden tablet, which had nine holes at specified positions, where the tested person had to put the wooden sticks. The results of the measurement were the required time to complete the test and the number of the inserted pegs (sticks). The measurement requires a “helper”, who measures the time with a stopwatch, and sometimes specifies the sequence of the holes.

In the frame of the subject Project work I have designed the hardware. The PCB and the box were made. During the subject, I have successfully assembled and put in working the microcontroller and programmed the main functions for the measurements, for example: LCD, button handling and the LEDs’ operation used during the measurements.

During the elaboration of my thesis, I was able to write the programs to handle the memory and to communicate with a connected computer. After these came the programming of the functions, which were important for a battery operated device, for example automatic shut down. The device was taken to the Szent János Hospital with an easy to use menu and a manual for real time testing.


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