Design analysis of salient pole synchronous machine

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Planning and sizing synchronous machines consists of complex and lengthy steps, which has been made simpler and faster by computer modelling in the past two decades. We can use lots of programs and methods to plan and do electrical calculations. The thesis shows an inspection calculation on a salient pole sychronous machine. A program written in Mathcad follows the steps of defining electrical parameters based on the technical literature. The calculating program uses a salient pole sychronous machine with 3 MVA apparent power. With this program we can do the inspection calculation on all similar construction sychronous machines.

In the first chapter of the thesis the theoretical background of salient pole sychronous machines is to be presented. The second chapter shows specific implementations of the given machine. The third chapter presents the Mathcad program in details. The final chapter is a comparison between the Mathcad program and an earlier used calculating program.


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