Investigation of Sensivity of a salient pole synchronous machine

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Dr. Györe Attila
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The topic of my thesis focused on the pole synchronous machines, I control poles with finite element analysis program. In the part of the specification is the sensitivity analysis, which suggests primary that the poles of the synchronous machines how are created in the fluxes, the magnetic induction distribution (for example, how close to the sine curve the magnetic induction distribution) and the harmonic content.

First I analyzed parameters an already produced machine, and then changed the geometry sizes of the poles, so that a constant air gap is established between the rotor and the stator, and that I approximated the pole arc with three plain. This should be to exam these properties, because be can available optimal magnetic induction distribution or optimal harmonic content.

I drew the geometry in the Quickfield and FEMM finite element programs. To do this, I created a program which was written in C, that I demonstrated in my thesis.

I calculated the magnetic circuit of the machine, and also the parameters of the stator windings, which I needed on the calculation of the load. I used with this calculation the Mathcad program.

Then I presented the finite element simulations, their results and I evaluated this.


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