Proactive operations and maintenance methods of cyberphysical systems

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Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Industrial equipment wears out in much less time than our ones in home that are used in our daily life, due to the bigger and more diverse strain. If these tools are out of order, it can cause loss in the production. That’s why the manufacturers and the users of the equipment place great emphasis on the prevention of the failures and decrease renewal costs. The most efficient and obvious strategy to reach this goal is to do the necessary maintenances and renewals before it leads to failure.

The philosophy of proactive maintenance offers a solution for this task. Proactivity has two essential parts, predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance. We can predict the duration of the safe usability by means of monitoring the environment and the mechanical parts and using an equipment database. By using these predictions, preemptive maintenances could be scheduled.

In this paper, I summarize the conception of proactive maintenance and show my design and implementation of a basic cyber-physical system, that uses proactive maintenance methods; meanwhile I follow the main objectives of the MANTIS project. In the planning phase, I present how I planned a maintenance strategy and how I chose the right sensors and hardware, what requirements were taken into account in what priorities. After that, I present the board, and show its functions. Finally, I provide some measurement results with the physically available board, then analyze the results, and show if it is able to represent the wear-out of certain equipment.


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