Development of a Kinect based motion capture viewer application

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the last few years there were a huge technical development in virtual reality systems. Besides their development, their popularity had also been increased by a large margin so they are a huge factor in the current market. The Microsoft Kinect device that became popular a few years before these systems, had a huge factor in their success.

The Kinect became well known due to the gaming industry. These virtual reality games provide a unique user experience, because the players can control the games with their movements instead of a controller. The movement detection technology, developed for these games has more possibilities than their current state of development. This advancement also has practical usage in the fields of film making and education.

We have the possibility to use our movements to control a virtual character with the help of this technology. We have multiple ways to use this: we can animate our game or film characters without manually animating them.

With this thesis, my goal is to develop this application. Most of these similar softwares licensed so it is hardly obtainable for those whoes goal is just home made developing. I want to make the work with Kinect available for everyone with implementing the most important functions of one of these programs.


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