Kinect based in-stage positioning and lighting automatization system

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Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The objective of this paper is to create and present a system, which is able to replace the manual positioning of stage lighting follow spots by automatization. The system determines the position of the actor, and also controls the intelligent lights. The paper introduces the system components: first, the positioning- and the lamp control sub-system, second the mathematical background of the connecting of two sub-systems, the calibration, and then the integrated system are presented.

There are many ways for positioning, this paper gives an overview of these solutions. Then the chosen one, the Microsoft Kinect sensor is presented, and a series of measurements are done, to demonstrate the precision of the sensor.

A brief history of stage lighting and the current used solutions are presented. The DMX512 standard is the most widely used lamp control standard, almost every lighting equipment supports it, therefore my system also uses it for control. After the presentation of the standard, the progress of implementation is showed.

The transformation model between positioning- and lamp control sub-systems, and the calibration of model parameters close the discussion about the system components. Test programs are created to try every component, which are presented in the adequate chapters.

Then the integrated system, which has a graphical user interface and contains all functions, is presented and tested. Finally the opportunities of further development are discussed.


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