Designing and implementing a microcontroller based, low consumption wireless network protocol

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Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The technological improvements and the high expectations of the market had a motivating effect on the development of wireless communication and sensor networks in the recent decade. The realization of the opportunities, the decrement in size and price of the radio peripheries result in the numerous achievements, scientific publica-tions and innovations.

One of the central goals of the researches is to unfold the opportunities in the sensor networks, which could be useful in agricultural applications, disaster forecasting or even in monitoring the health status of our precious planet. Applications having even more than a thousand devices all have a common pattern: the global functionality is much more important than the value of the individual sensors, which fact also has a great impact on the researches targeting to lower the price of the devices some more.

It’s generally accepted that a single optimal solution for all types of applications just does not exist. The designing process should be careful and extensive, as well as the following implementation. After having a look at the existing link layer and network layer solutions it can be said that in all of them the pros and cons can be identified easily, moreover, there is no exact outline between the two layers.

The aim of this thesis is to design and implement a communication protocol with a few prescribed and clear expectations and circumstances. With the help of the researches I have come across, a solution is going to be shown in this documentation which is open for further improvements besides providing the basic necessary function-ality.


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