Low-consumption transmitter with infrared and visible light LEDs

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Fekete Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The radio frequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum is getting more and more saturated, therefore it is practical to start using other frequency bands for data transmission. Optical wireless communication is one of the promising technologies for short range communication. It is able to integrate data transmission and illumination, which is a huge benefit of this technology.

I start my thesis with the general description of the visible light communication (VLC) then I will introduce its potential modulation schemes and indoor application fields. I also compare VLC to other, widely used wireless communication systems (using radio frequency and infrared light).

In the second part of my thesis I will specify the design process of a battery powered VLC and infrared transmitter circuit, and then continue with the results of measurements including consumption, directivity, maximal obtainable bit rate and communication range of the device.


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