Implementing a small-scale quadcopter control

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Dr. Tevesz Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Commonly known as drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (\textit{UAV}) are air crafts without a human pilot on board.

The flight of a UAV can be controlled either by on board controllers completely autonomously or by a human operator remotely.

While drones were mainly deployed for dangerous military missions, recent developments in information technology made it possible for other areas to use it as well.

These include agriculture, scientific research, photography and filmography.

There are numerous types of drones based on their structure.

One such are the quadcopters.

Thanks to it's four propellers, it can easily navigate in a large variate of different environments.

The goal of my diploma work is to show the development of our quadcopter.

This includes the research done on drones, the physical modell, and the main aspects regarding the drone parts.

Testing is also an important part of any software development cycle, so I will also create a working solution which can simulate a model of our drone.


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