Experiments with the DC Multifunction Machine

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Zabán Károly
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I make measurements about the applications of the separately excited DC machine and the DC multifunction machine in generator and in motor mode. The machines are made for educational purposes and are the property of the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics. One aim of the study is to evaluate the measured data and to draw conclusions.

To achieve this - for the first time - I studied the scientific literature background of the multifunction machines. Based on these I made the conclusion, that the multifunction machines are mostly used for investigative and experimental purposes as well as to verify the theoretical values in case of small and large machines as well. Due to their structure they are perfect for testing the different types of excitations.

I summarized the wiring techniques in my final project then I made the right separately excited, generator and motor mode measurements in the laboratory of the department. I made figures according to the assemblies and I evaluated the measured data. I used computer controlled measuring system to speed up the measurements in motor mode. I evaluated and visualized the results by Microsoft Excel program.

The structure of my final project task is similar to the traditional tasks in integrated engineering. As a result, the types of friction in the motor and the resulting losses were examined in the second part of the task. Namely the friction causes increased temperature, loss of power and makes the precise positioning more difficult, thus it is a major problem in practice.

Finally, I made a survey about the purchasing possibilities of the DC motors for various educational purposes and I summarized this in the third part.


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