Experiments with the AC Multifunction Machine

OData support
Zabán Károly
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The final project follows the idea of the mechatronics engineer BSc’s Integrated Engineering specialization, meaning that it includes electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, management and software developer parts. This project will concentrate on several types of research of an AC three-phase asynchronous motor. The motor’s power losses will be measured and calculated by the no-load and short circuit measurements. The machine’s behavior will be simulated in a circuit simulator software, further comparing the measured values and the precision of the equivalent circuit model. The motor’s generator capabilities will also be measured in both Y and Delta connections, with the help of 100 [W] lightbulbs. The existing manual, relay-involved control of the machine will be improved with a microcontroller based control. The rotary part’s vibration diagnostics will be calculated by Finite Element Method, after making a 3D model of it. The power losses will be investigated on the theoretical side, and there will be a market research of similar machines designed for education purposes.


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