Experiments with the AC Multifunction Machine

OData support
Zabán Károly
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The project consist of three major parts. The first part is built up of a series of experiments and measurements with the AC multifunctional machine in order to become familiar with its attributes and behavior under different circumstances. First a brief introduction is made regarding to the induction machines. The latter measurements lay more emphasis on the generating operation mode, because it was not involved in earlier university studies. Different measurements were done in generating mode with star- and delta connection of the coils with external excitation, both of them with and without load, where the load was made up of light-bulbs. A simple experiment was completed with the MOMO program in no-load and short-circuit state in motoring mode. While evaluating the results various characteristics were drawn, such as torque-speed, voltage-excitation voltage, current-excitation voltage and torque-excitation voltage characteristics.

The second part deals with the theories of the vibrations of electrical machines, using appropriate literature and publications. The aim is to find out the causes and effects of such vibrations, how they can be classified and searching for possible solutions.

The last part consist of a marketing research, in which quotations for commercially available laboratory equipment on the Hungarian market are requested from distributors.


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