Investigating the profile setting possibilities of an experimental vapour phase soldering oven

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

The Vapour Phase Soldering is an renewed technology becoming more and more favoured due to Galden fluid. With this fluid engineers were able to eleminate the environmentaly harmful effects. This technology could be a good alternative solution against infra-and convenction heat transfer technologies due to the outstanding quality of soldering joint made by this method. Vapour Phase Soldering also gives the opportunity to use vacuum in the vapour space improving the quality of joints and decreasing the amount of voids. More and more manufacturers show their own improved Vapour Phase Soldering machine. And therefore the number of works which experiment with the usage of these machines are also growing. They hope that these technologies can help to achieve quality aspects unreachable so far.

This thesis is based on department research. During my work I used Vapour Phase Soldering machine improved during previous work. I tested this experimental machine to get a picture about the way we should go in improving and about the working functions of previous impovements. In my earlier work I replaced the cooling system of this in order to make it become proper to use fine VPS profil setting technology in the developed vapour space in the chamber. I rewiev the VPS technology and the classic infra- and convenction heat transfer technology. Then I show you manifacture’s different VPS machines and their impovements. I also present my works done on experimental machines and the results of these works. After this I describe the operating system of the device. Then I review the software user interface and the use of it. Then the plans of my measurements and their results follow. I am investigating how the machine reacts if different heat capacity samples are taken in the vapour area. As a conclusion of my measurements I determined the ideal position multipler in the software arragement and I evaluate the increasing transient phenomenon caused by the effect of growing heat capacity.


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