Investigation of the I-V characteristics and spectral response of experimental solar cells

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

The purpose of my thesis is to give a comprehensive picture of the thermal behavior of crystalline thin film silicon solar cells.

In the previous semesters I made a series of solar cells with a special layer structure using the method developed by the department. Meanwhile I measured the I–V characteristics and the spectral response of another series. Since these measurements took a plenty of time, I designed an automatic measuring system, which was able to determine the I–V characteristics, and after some modification and completion it could measure the spectral response too.

The task of my thesis is to extend the range of the measurements, and to make a summary and a conclusion of the results. The expansion consists of two parts: to measure solar cells on glass substrate, and to measure the I–V charac-teristics at different illumination.

The measurements were carried out on two sample-series, made by different technologies. Both series have cells with different photoactive layer thickness. The sample-series on the glass substrate has 6 samples; each has 4 serial-connected cells, which are 5×5 mm2. The sample-series on the n-type substrate has 4 samples, each are 13×13 mm2. I made my research on these two series to determine whether the decrease in the thickness and changing the intensity of the illumination affects the temperature dependence of the solar cell parameters. I also made consoles for the cells, modified and completed the LabView software and designed an integrated circuit, which can control the intensity of the illumination


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