Network reaction of distributed generation on a given low voltage network

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the thesis I investigate the conditions of network connection of small power plants with different powers on small and medium voltage public distribution networks.

I introduce the Hungarian and European standards with regard to the conditions of the network connection and the protections to be implemented during investment of small power plants.

Before describing the requirements for small power plants themselves, based on standards on electric power quality requirements, I summarize the quality demands of the electric power supplied by so called no permit-required and household-size small power plants. This is followed by general European rules on small power plants.

After introducing the Hungarian and European standards, I compare them to the relevant US rules with special focus on solar element units.

In the third bigger part of my thesis, I describe the standardized control measurements of conformity to the described standards.

At the end, in chapter 9, I summarize my conclusions on integration of small power plants to the network.


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