Setting up the IT system for the "Kísérőt kérek!" community initiation

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The „Kísérőt kérek” civil initiative was established in Győr and within months it had gained significant traction. The aim of the initiation is to escort unprotected people from their origin to their destination. There are soldiers and police officers in the initiation too. People can request escorts in a Facebook group. Every request is a post in the Facebook group and people who can help out comment under these posts.

There are multiple issues with the current system. First of all, managing this initiation is difficult and time consuming, since it is not easy to track all the posts in the Facebook group and there is no way to search among the comments. Furthermore, every member of the group can see all posts and comments. Because of this the parameters of an escort request are visible to everyone but only verified members of the initiation should see them. The system is lacking privacy. The fact that every member can see what someone posts may cause one to refrain from asking for help. Moreover, the current system does not track any kind of feedback on the members of the initiative. For someone who does not yet know any of the members, it is difficult to select who to trust with no information about them.

My work details the construction of an IT system which not only provides solutions to issues listed above, but also introduces new functionalities which are impossible to implement within the parameters of a Facebook group. The dissertation mentions the planning of the IT system and details the used technologies. It then provides justification for why I decided to use each alternative. My work first delves into the issue of trusting strangers and then outlines the solutions that my system presents.

The IT system which I set up in my dissertation makes it possible for the entire process to be automated with no need for constant monitoring and intervention when someone requests an escort. The members of the initiation can work easier and their burdens will be lightened.


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