Investigation of Thermal Ageing of Low Voltage Nuclear Power Plant Cables

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Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The safe operation of nuclear facilities is based on the information and control cables being capable of fulfilling their safety function even during design-based event (DBE). The nuclear cable qualification is mainly based on accelerated laboratory tests. This process is usually performed by cable manufactures according to standards. Although these examinations have been used for decades the relation between the accelerated ageing and the ageing in operation conditions are still in the focus of scientific interest. As a kind of clean energy, nuclear power has beenpaid more and more attention in recent years. Our subject is to research nuclear power cables. The working environment of cables in nuclear power plants is very harsh, and the power transmisstion must be subject to the reasons of electricity,, nuclear radiation, steam pressure, chemical factor and thermal deformation under the nuclear environmental conditions.

The purpose of the thesis work is to investigate the thermal ageing due to the current load of nuclear power plant cables. This work includes accelerated aging tests to show the relationship between cable parameters and non-destructive test results.


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