Low voltage switch equipment sizing for household of a power plant

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Faludi Andor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The subject of this thesis is to design the low voltage switch equipment sizing for household of a power plant.

The details of the task, related to the thermal power plant –which is being installed in Adler, a town in Russia– were defined by VÁV UNION Ltd.

The thesis consists of the following parts: first the theoretical overview concerning e electrical energy and thermal power plants. Chapter Two sums up the contractor’s requirements, directives, the local conditions, and analyses the task to be implemented. The next chapter contains the overview of the incoming feeder and the electrical components of the cooling system.

Based on all this, I did the calculations of the sizing, and I selected the transformers, the circuit-breakers and protection tools and the other necessary components of the electric system.

In the course of my work I also took part in Computer Aided Design processes. I have attached the final single system line drawing.

I had an opportunity to observe the different steps of the assembly. I illustrated that with some pictures taken in the workshop.

In conclusion, the thesis shows the implementation of the contractors ideas from the steps of planning and sizing up to the final realization.


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