Performance evalutaion of small-scale WLAN MESH networks

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Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

A lot of wireless network solution was made in the last few years to maximalize its performance, and they have some successes. Nowadays people may already not use only mobile telephones to communicate yourselves, they can surf on the internet with PDAs or smart telephones, over high speed connection.

In addition, everybody can maintain their own private network, and in this network, the devices connect to each other with ad-hoc connection, they are linked to the world through only one or two gateways. This is named the MESH network.

These MESH networks make the direct fileswitching, and communication possible between each node, and these links do not have to ask for outer help, so they create a private, independent, wireless network.

In my chosen task, I would like to show the most wide-spread wireless network types, which may be used by people day by day, and that transport protocols, which work on them. I analize the QoS parametres in important aspects, after I make a real MESH network-construction known, and assess the performance-results of this network.


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