Design of small antennas for radio modules

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Dr. Zólomy Attila Imre
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The topic I have chosen for my thesis is the design of small (mainly PCB (printed circuit board)) printed antennas for UHF (Ultra-high frequency) ISM (Industrial, scientific and medical) bands. My goal is to realize the specified small printed antennas and to demonstrate the main steps of the antenna design process from the antenna theory to the radiated measurements of the final antenna modell.

In my thesis first I describe the theoretical background of the RF (Radio frequency) antennas and I introduce the mainly used printed antenna types with their advantages and disadvantages. Later I will demonstrate the steps of the antenna design process including the creation of the stucture with the aid of EM simulators and the layout design from the planned structure. After that I will tune the prototype antennas and demonstrate the radiated measurements and the results of the final antenna modells.

For the whole antenna design process I will demonstrate the most important software products, the „Microwave Office - AWR Design Environment 10” for simulations, the „PADS Layout 9.4” for creating the final PCB layout, and the „Smith 3.1” software for tuning purposes.


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