Examination of the formation and the integration of a small-scale pumped hydro storage plant

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my degree project I’m going to investigate a possibility of electric energy storage,

as an effective way of energy storage is still an unsolved problem. In this paper I will design a

small size pumped hydroelectric storage, and investigate its effects on the transmission grid.

In the first part I have chosen a concrete water tower, which was used to size and

create my models. After I had visited the site and took notes, I have created a threedimensional

CAD model of the physical structure, mainly based on measurements and

blueprints, but partly based on estimations. For further calculations this physical structure

model was used to obtain data, including volumes, heights and so on. Based on these data, I

have chosen all the devices that are required to convert the energy, and even the sacrificial

elements needed with it. After selecting all components, I could start creating the electric

model based on catalogues. The model I have obtained on this manner allowed me to run

various simulations to find out what effects such storage would have on the transmission grid,

and I could also designed a control circuit for it. So by the end of this part achieved a detailed

physical structure and electric model for further investigations.

In the next part some economical considerations were investigated. I have investigated

the investments costs, and all the other cost in connection with operation, and also looked at

the income side, where the expected gain is calculated. Based on these calculations I have

figured out the payback time, and checked weather it is marketable. This calculation was done

for single and multiple sight investments.

As a result I’ve found that under current national regulations, the payback time of the

investment is over ten years. It’s due to the financial support of renewable energy. But I’ve

also found that after the end of this support, this payback time will decrease to less than five


So my conclusion is that further investigations and a pilot project are suggested.


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